Things To Do

Things To Do

As stated in the description of our location, Lake Bosumtwi Apartment Hotel is located inside Osu the part of Accra that never sleeps. Luckily for your night sleep though we are in a quiet corner. But if you want to get out and do some things in Accra or experience a bit of the fine life on Oxford street we are a short cab ride from many of these things.

Within Walking distance:

  • Restaurants: Thai, Chinese, Ghanaian, and BBQ pork

  • Bars and clubs

  • Football pitch across the street

  • La Hospital

  • Kingdom Bookstore

  • Oxford Street

A short drive away around 20 minutes and less in low traffic:

  • Oxford street

  • Tuwala Beach

  • Labadi Beach

  • James Town and Old Accra

  • Ministries and Accra Commercial area

  • Ring Road Transportation hub

  • Airport

  • Teshie Coffin Carver

  • Independence Square